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Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts

Building Up the Body of Christ Through the Gifts of the Spirit  
Charles V. Bryant

Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory Pack is available for use with small-group members. This book identifies, defines, and discusses 32 spiritual gifts including giving, healing, hospitality, service, evangelism, and music. Bryant encourages you to discover the particular gifts the Holy Spirit has given you and challenges you to use these gifts to build up the body of Christ. The book includes a "Grace Gifts Inventory" to help you identify and apply the spiritual gifts in your life.

Teach Adults

Diana L. Hynson
This Leader's Guide is a PDF download only. The course is designed to help provide a basic understanding of the ways adults learn and grow. The Participant's Guide for this course, Start Here, by Barbara Bruce may be purchased here.

Lead in Evangelism

A Leader's Guide to Transforming Evangelism  
Discipleship Resources
Evangelism is about our relationship to God and those we come in contact with daily. This course connects witness with spiritual formation, leading participants to a greater understanding of the importance of evangelism for all involved. It also incorporates Wesleyan insights for a 21st-century audience. A Leader's Guide to Transforming Evangelism is used alongside the text Transforming Evangelism by Henry H. Knight III and F. Douglas Powe Jr. Available only as a PDF download. Notes: Permi...

Lead in Stewardship

A Leader's Guide to Afire with God  
Discipleship Resources
Stewardship is a dirty word in most churches. Pastors preach about it knowing they must, while members sit uncomfortably through the "it's-that-time-again" sermons and other appeals. Church members need to be encouraged to go beyond thinking in terms of dollars contributed in order to see stewardship as becoming living examples of the gospel. Included in the basic text Afire with God are examples for faithful stewardship of the earth, ways to reinvigorate stewardship in worship, long-range pl...

Concepts in Leadership II

Refresher Course for Local Church Leaders  
Discipleship Resources
Concepts in Leadership II is designed to be a refresher course for local church lay speakers, but it may be used for leadership development in any setting. Designed to be taught in one 5-hour session, this PDF-formatted course may be divided into multiple sessions for use in a Sunday school class or small-group setting. After completing this course, participants will be able to: Recognize God's call upon them to leadership Describe the spiritual nature of leadership and use spiritual pract...

Call and Covenant for Ministry

Module 1, Certified Lay Minister Training  
The purpose of this module is to: provide a basic overview of the call to ministry, theology, and ordering of ministry in The United Methodist Church; explain the role of certified lay minister; support the formation of a mutual ministry team for learning and leading in the congregation; develop a ministry covenant to guide the mission of the church. Notes: Permission is granted to the purchaser to photocopy for educational purposes. Sorry, this item is not eligible for special promotio...

The Practice of Ministry

Module 2, Certified Lay Minister Training  
Discipleship Resources
This module covers basic skills the certified lay minister should know: leading worship preaching and sharing faith forming discipleship ministries providing congregational care. The Practice of Ministry is intended to be used by the certified lay minister, the mutual ministry team supporting the process in the local church, and the equipping clergyperson assigned. Notes: Permission is granted to the purchaser to photocopy for educational purposes. Sorry, this item is not eligible for s...

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Mission and Vision

(formerly Leading with Purpose)  
Carol F. Krau
PDF Download Connects congregational mission and vision with the gifts needed to accomplish such a purpose. Each PDF in the "What Every Leader Needs to Know" series provides practical, basic help to enable leaders to create environments for faith formation, model Christian spiritual development grounded in the means of grace, and equip all people to be in ministry in their daily lives. Also included are interactive exercises and a bibliography for additional exploration of the subject. Ideal...

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Leader's Guide for Each One a Minister and Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory  
William J. Carter
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts focuses on acquiring a better understanding of the church and its ministry needs learning what it means to be a minister doing the work of Christ in the church and in the world being more fully equipped to lead others in exploring and using their spiritual gifts The texts for this course are Each One a Minister and Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory.