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Entering the Psalms, Participant's Workbook

The Upper Room
Entering the Psalms Leader's Guide is also available. A 6-week study opens the door to experience the Psalms in a new way! "O taste and see that the Lord is good." — Psalm 34:8 This is a different Bible study from most. Entering the Psalms invites you to consider how a collection of poetic praises and laments dating from 1400 BC to 500 BC relate to your own life and experiences. Finding that connection is at the heart of formational reading, and that's the thread of the "Meeting God in Scrip...

Parables and Passion

Jesus' Stories for the Days of Lent  
John Indermark
Discover new insights about the passion story through the lenses of Jesus' parables. "Parables nudge us all to receptive insight," writes Indermark. "For those new to the Lenten journey, they give access to the holy through the ordinary. For those who have navigated this season many times, they allow an opportunity to experience Lent from a different perspective. …[Parables] take us deeper, revealing the approaching realm of the God who has come to us in One who teaches still in parables." Le...

Provocative Grace

The Challenge in Jesus' Words  
Robert Corin Morris
A restless search is on. Cover stories about the "real" Jesus are on the increase in news magazines, best sellers based on alternative Gospels, and documentaries. Whether you're a devout Christian, an inquiring seeker or a rank skeptic, this book is for you if you wish to explore the teaching of Jesus. Provocative Grace focuses on the words of Jesus, not as rules to live by but as challenges to precipitate growth into greater maturity. Morris asks us to enlarge our existing concepts and to st...

Feeding on the Word, Participant's Book, Vol. 2

E. Glenn Hinson
A revised Companions in Christ Leader's Guide, containing a "Getting Started Guide" and new plans for a closing retreat, is also available. Feeding on the Word: The Mind of Christ is an introduction to the many ways of meditating and praying with scripture. Explore the depths of the Word, learn to listen to God through it, and allow your life to be shaped by it. This book is the second segment of a five-volume study of the original 28-week Companions in Christ resource. The five-piece partici...

Embracing the Journey, Participant's Book, Vol. 1

Rueben P. Job, Marjorie J. Thompson
A revised Companions in Christ Leader's Guide, containing a "Getting Started Guide" and new plans for a closing retreat, is also available. Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ focuses on an exploration of spiritual formation as an individual and corporate journey toward wholeness and holiness through the grace of God. This book is the first segment of a five-volume study of the original 28-week Companions in Christ resource. The 5-piece participant series is designed for groups that will...

Against the Grain

Unconventional Wisdom from Ecclesiastes  
Ray Waddle
You won't hear many sermons preached on Ecclesiastes. The plainspoken skepticism and raw weariness expressed in Ecclesiastes make many people of faith uncomfortable. But, as Waddle points out, this book is in the Bible for a reason. The message of this against-the-grain biblical voice offers an emotionally honest view of the meaning of life. "Despite his reputation, Ecclesiastes marks the surprising arrival of consolation and hope," writes Waddle. "This book is about the neglected themes of E...

Enter by the Gate

Jesus' 7 Guidelines When Making Hard Choices  
Flora Slosson Wuellner
Hard choices are inevitable. Whether they involve family or other relationships, a job, or your spiritual journey, some decisions aren't clear-cut or easy. The advice you seek (or that's thrust upon you by well-meaning friends) may leave you more unsure than ever. The adage "Let go, let God" is a nice notion but often not so satisfying in the midst of difficulty. If you've ever wondered whether your intuition, the advice you've received, or the direction from your church community truly refle...

Compañerismo en Cristo Libro del participante

Una experiencia de formación espiritual en grupos pequeños  
Rueben P. Job, Marjorie J. Thompson, Wendy M. Wright, ...
Compañerismo en Cristo, Guía del líder también está disponible. El libro del participante incluye 28 semanas de lecturas y ejercicios dividas en 5 secciones. Los temas de cada semana son presentados por autores reconocidos quienes tienen conocimientos amplios sobre cada tema. En estos capítulos introductorios, escritores como Gerrit Scott Dawson, Adele González, E. Glenn Hinson, Rueben Job, Marjorie Thompson y Wendy Wright combinan el testimonio personal con lo mejor de la tradición cristian...

Compañerismo en Cristo Guía del líder

Una experiencia de formación espiritual en grupos pequeños  
Stephen D. Bryant, Marjorie J. Thompson, Janice T. Grana
Compañerismo en Cristo, Libro del participante también está disponible para miembros de grupos pequeños. Usted explorará a profundidad las Escrituras, aprenderá a escuchar a Dios por medio de ellas, y permitirá a su vida ser formada por la Palabra. Experimentará nuevas dimensiones de la oración, practicará nuevas formas de abrir su vida a Dios, y aprenderá lo que significa practicar la presencia de Dios. Usted reflexionará sobre el llamado de Cristo a su vida y descubrirá de nuevo los dones ...

Shaped by the Word

The Power of Scripture in Spiritual Formation  
M. Robert Mulholland
This book explores the role that scripture plays in spiritual formation. Mulholland examines obstacles often encountered in spiritual reading and introduces a new approach to reading that will enliven the scriptures. He also compares informational reading (reading to be informed) with formational reading (reading to be spiritually formed). Readers are released to God's initiative, allowing the scripture to form a spiritual life inside themselves.