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Attendance Registration Pads

Available in sets of 20  
Discipleship Resources
These 6" x 9" pads are available only in sets of 20. Each pad has 50 sheets. Use with the Attendance Registration Pad Cover. Place one attendance notepad in each pew. Sorry, this item is ineligible for bulk or special promotional discounts.

A Manual of the United Methodist Church - Our Discipline and Social Principles (Korean)

Hyok In Kwon

연합감리교회 교리와 사회원칙을 설명하기 위해 만들어진 "우리는 무엇을 믿는가?"는 연합감리교회의 교리와 신앙고백을 중심으로 우리의 교리적 유산, 기준과 총칙, 그리고 신학적 과제를 짧고 분명하게 이해할 수 있도록 엮었다. 또한 연합감리교회의 사회원칙과 사회신경을 함께 다루면서 교리적 선언이 단순히 마음과 생각에 머무는 것이 아니라 삶과 사회원칙으로 이어져 사회, 정의, 평등, 경제, 정치, 문화, 노동, 환경, 세계 등 우리가 직면한 이슈들에 관해 성서적이고 신학적인 해석에 바탕을 둔 연합감리교회의 선언을 알아보고 실천적 삶에 적용하도록 하였다.

Mission Possible

Creative Tool Box  
Innovation is mission-critical. A great resource for missional thinking, Mission Possible: Design Thinking for Social Change is a hands-on set of tools designed to teach users about the process of design thinking (more specifically, Human-Centered Design) to create solutions that resonate with the 'end-users.' This unique resource is a facilitated workshop that plays like a game to tackle difficult social problems using the resources people already have. It relies on brainstorming, iteration,...

The Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series

This series of 4 titles from beloved writer Henri J. M. Nouwen will help you with fundraising, caregiving, creating space for God in your life, and finding your true home in God. A Spirituality of Fundraising Instead of viewing fundraising as a chore, Henri Nouwen invites us to see it as a ministry—a way to ask others to join in our mission and support it financially. Essential for finance committees and anyone who raises money for mission trips, nonprofits, ministry, or business. A Spirit...