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Not Just a One-Night Stand

Ministry with the Homeless  
Karen Vannoy, John Flowers
The story of how a church dying for more than two decades found its soul—and a new identity. In the foreword to this book, Tex Sample says: "The Christ who is Lord of the Church stands at the margins of the world. To forget either Christ as Lord or the Christ at the margins is to lose our ways as the church…In this faith-inspiring book, John Flowers and Karen Vannoy call the church again to the Christ who is Lord who appears at the margins of established, respectable life." Not Just a One-Nig...

Earth Gospel

A Guide to Prayer for God's Creation  
Sam Hamilton-Poore

Do something for the environment—pray for the earth. The icecaps are melting. The air we breathe and the water we drink are polluted. Forests are being cleared of oxygen-making trees and ecosystem-integral wildlife. Our daily lives impact our earth—mostly leaving negative footprints. The environmental challenges we face are real and almost out of control. We're free to enjoy the earth's bounty and beauty, but along with that privilege comes responsibility. How are Christians to respond as ste...

Being the Presence of Christ

A Vision for Transformation  
Daniel Vestal
"This book is food for all who are hungry for an inner transformation in their lives. Tapping into ancient spiritual practices, Daniel Vestal connects biblically based mysticism with evangelism and social justice." —Tony Campolo Professor Emeritus, Eastern University Author of more than 35 books and one of the founders of the Red Letter Christian movement Do you long to make a difference in the world? Learn how to be Christ's presence. As Christians, we can continually embody Jesus Christ...

A Mile in My Shoes

Cultivating Compassion  
Trevor Hudson
We can be quick to pray for people around the world in times of trauma, but has prayer become a way to avoid taking real action? Are we reluctant to be fully aware of the suffering around us? Trevor Hudson challenges us to see, hear, and respond to the needs of others, recognizing the living Christ in all things. Hudson designed an 8-day program—a pilgrimage—to help all Christians cultivate the depth of compassion Jesus demonstrated. Through this program, pilgrims learn to be present wherever...