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The Mystic in You

Discovering a God-Filled World  
Bruce G. Epperly
What is a mystic? Bruce Epperly defines mystics as people who see holiness in everyday life. We can be mystics without leaving our families, disengaging from daily responsibilities, becoming a priest, or joining a monastic order. Epperly shows how we can experience the living God in the midst of daily life and never again take everyday events for granted. Bruce Epperly introduces readers to 12 individuals or groups of mystics through the ages: St. Francis of Assisi, the desert mothers and fat...

For Sabbath's Sake

Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community  
J. Dana Trent
Discover a spiritual practice that helps you maintain spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health. "We toiled on computers seven days per week, rising as early as 4:00 a.m. to squeeze in spiritual quiet time before we both retreated to our respective laptops, typing the days (and weekends) away. Though I grew up keeping Sundays sacred, six years into our marriage, we'd fallen into the trap of using the Lord's Day to catch up. … At its worst, our church attendance was less than 50 perce...

Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer

A Simply Centered Advent  
Slow down, simplify, and add a burst of color to your Advent. The spiritual practice of coloring mandalas (circular designs), lighting candles, and praying regularly can help us stay centered on God during this busy time of year. Based on the 4 candles of the Advent wreath, this coloring book for adults weaves together the popular practice of coloring with 4 simple methods of contemplative prayer. This is more than just a coloring book for adults—it is also a visual prayer journal. Each chapt...

Spoken into Being

Divine Encounters Through Story  
Michael E. Williams
"Tell me a story." Countless parents and grandparents have heard that request from children. People of all ages are captivated by a good story. Storytelling helps us makes sense of the events of our lives, the world around us, and God. When we tell stories, we speak a world into being—just as God did in the creation accounts in the book of Genesis. "Everyone is a storyteller," says author Michael Williams. You don't have to be a professional storyteller to be able to tell good stories. In thi...

Beads of Healing

Prayer, Trauma, and Spiritual Wholeness  
Kristen E. Vincent
Healing from trauma begins with the courageous act of telling your story. Yet many survivors of trauma are afraid to tell anyone about their deeply painful and personal experience(s). Trauma survivors often feel shame, guilt, fear, and anger. They may also carry deep spiritual wounds, such as feeling abandoned or punished by God. They may wonder how they can ever trust God. In Beads of Healing, Kristen Vincent shares her story of childhood trauma and how she eventually found God's peace, heal...

The Upper Room Dictionary of Christian Spiritual Formation

Keith Beasley-Topliffe
This reference book, compiled with the help of more than 50 scholars from many denominations, provides a basic guide to Christian spiritual formation through more than 470 entries. It covers such subjects as great spiritual teachers of the past and present, important topics in Christian spirituality, and ways to pray and lead groups in prayer and spiritual growth. Containing enough information to get you started but not so many details as to overwhelm, the entries in this dictionary answer su...

Espacios de calma

Momentos de oración para mujeres  
Patricia Wilson
La relación íntima con Dios que has anhelado está a tu alcance, a pesar del caos de hacer malabares con múltiples responsabilidades, tiempos límites y de las diferentes labores de tu vida estirada hasta el máximo. Con Espacios de calma puedes aprender a calmar tu mente y a escuchar la voz apacible y tranquila de Dios en medio de la turbulencia a tu alrededor. La escritora y conferencista profesional Patricia Wilson sabe lo que es luchar para encontrar algunos minutos para ella misma. A trav...

Praying with Mandalas

A Colorful, Contemplative Practice  
Sharon Seyfarth Garner
Have you ever thought of coloring as a way to pray? Pick up your colored pencils or crayons and discover a creative way to slow down and focus on God. Sharon Seyfarth Garner invites adults to color mandalas as an easy, enjoyable, and tangible way to "be with God on purpose." Praying with Mandalas blends the relaxing and contemplative practice of coloring with these ancient spiritual practices: Lectio divina (meditative reading of scripture) Intercessory prayer Centering prayer Examen (revie...

Holy Listening with Breath, Body, and the Spirit

Whitney R. Simpson
Many of us long to hear God's voice, yet we often overlook the great wisdom God gave us in our bodies. There is a deep connection between our bodies and spirits. What might happen if we listened more deeply to the wisdom of our bodies? How might listening with our whole selves change the way we listen to God? A stroke at age 31 forced Whitney Simpson to slow down and listen more deeply to her body. In the process she discovered how to listen more deeply to God. During her journey of healing a...

Building Spiritual Muscle

A Six-Week Journey to Shape a More Powerful Faith  
Sabrina N. Short, Chris Wilterdink
This six-session Bible Study and discipleship resource designed for youth will help work out their spiritual muscles and build their faith. Included in this resource are scripts for training and coaching the adult group leaders, as well as links to video clips of key speakers from the Youth 2015 event. The brief video clips will guide discussion for groups, with individuals setting their own learning and spiritual growth goals.This resource with help strengthen its users' faith and develop le...