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Ecourse Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me

Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me

Celtic Blessings  

Instructed by Beth A. Richardson
Prayer Spiritual Practice

Practice seeing blessings all around you! Upper Room author Beth A. Richardson invites us to practice the Celtic way of seeing God in everyday life. Through Beth's written blessings and stories, we're invited to live into a regular practice of gratitude and noticing?practices that encourage us to be aware of God all around us. Drawing on her own Celtic heritage, Beth weaves personal story and written blessings into a book you'll want to have ready for life's ordinary and extraordinary moments.

In our online course, you'll meet Beth through brief videos, hear her read aloud both story and blessing, and be guided in writing blessing prayers of your own.

Our eCourse includes:
  • All essential content from Beth's book, Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings.
  • Introductory video for each section.
  • Audio recordings of Beth reading blessings and telling her family story.
  • A place to share your thoughts and blessings with others who will join in along the way.

Format: eCourse
Imprint: Upper Room Books
Publication Date: 03/01/2016

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