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The Meaning of Baptism in the United Methodist Church

The Meaning of Baptism in the United Methodist Church

by Mark Stamm
Clergy & Laity Discipleship

In this accessbile and informative book, Dr. Mark W. Stamm examines the sacrament of baptism within the context of The United Methodist Church. Included are sections on the biblical roots of baptism, the meaning of baptism as cleansing, new birth, new life, and covenant; effective means of forming persons and sponsors for baptism; and frequently asked questions about a United Methodist practice of baptism.

Mark Stamm is Assistant Professor of Christian Worship at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), and former pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Roaring Spring, PA, as well as rural churches in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Abbot of the Order of Saint Luke, he has taught pastors and laity in a wide variety of annual conference, retreat, and congregational settings.

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