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Compañerismo en Cristo Guía del líder

Una experiencia de formación espiritual en grupos pequeños  
Stephen D. Bryant, Marjorie J. Thompson, Janice T. Grana
Compañerismo en Cristo, Libro del participante también está disponible para miembros de grupos pequeños. Usted explorará a profundidad las Escrituras, aprenderá a escuchar a Dios por medio de ellas, y permitirá a su vida ser formada por la Palabra. Experimentará nuevas dimensiones de la oración, practicará nuevas formas de abrir su vida a Dios, y aprenderá lo que significa practicar la presencia de Dios. Usted reflexionará sobre el llamado de Cristo a su vida y descubrirá de nuevo los dones ...

Shaped by the Word

The Power of Scripture in Spiritual Formation  
M. Robert Mulholland
This book explores the role that scripture plays in spiritual formation. Mulholland examines obstacles often encountered in spiritual reading and introduces a new approach to reading that will enliven the scriptures. He also compares informational reading (reading to be informed) with formational reading (reading to be spiritually formed). Readers are released to God's initiative, allowing the scripture to form a spiritual life inside themselves.

Gathered in the Word

Praying the Scripture in Small Groups  
Norvene Vest
Many of us thirst for a meaningful spiritual life. We may even begin a spiritual journey, yet before we are very far along, we discover we need help. Is the living, compassionate God revealed in scripture in a way that offers guidance and comfort to us in our contemporary lives? Norvene Vest says a resounding "Yes!" Using the classic spiritual practice of lectio divina or "divine reading" in the context of small groups, she shows how this devotional and prayerful reading of the scriptures l...

Companions in Christ Starter Kit

This set includes one copy of the Companions in Christ Leader's Guide and 10 copies of the Companions in Christ Participant's Book in One Volume. This is a $220 value for $175. No other discounts apply for this starter kit. To read more about this volume of Companions in Christ or to buy individual copies of the Participant's Book, click here. To buy single copies of the Leader's Guide, click here. (Note: To buy additional copies of the Participant's Book, consider buying in bulk. You can fi...