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Being the Presence of Christ

Being the Presence of Christ

A Vision for Transformation  

by Daniel Vestal
Discipleship Generosity Social Justice

"This book is food for all who are hungry for an inner transformation in their lives. Tapping into ancient spiritual practices, Daniel Vestal connects biblically based mysticism with evangelism and social justice."

—Tony Campolo
Professor Emeritus, Eastern University
Author of more than 35 books and one of the founders of the Red Letter Christian movement

Do you long to make a difference in the world? Learn how to be Christ's presence. As Christians, we can continually embody Jesus Christ—be the presence of Christ—and we have the power to transform ourselves, our society, and the world.

The challenge in becoming the presence of Christ is that many of our prejudices and patterns of living will need to change. The hope is knowing that such transformation is possible.

Daniel Vestal says, "I write this book as one who has lived most of my life as a Christian. Though I have had my intellectual struggles and personal struggles, I have never left the Christian faith. My experience has led me to ask, 'What is the really good news that the Christian Gospel claims to possess and proclaim?' I seek to offer my voice as a witness to this Gospel as I understand it."

In this book you will find Vestal's perspective on these topics:

  • the basics—receiving and nurturing the presence of Christ
  • prayer as practicing the presence
  • personal transformation
  • Christian community
  • human suffering
  • Christlikeness through service
  • Christian social ethics

Find out how to be the presence of Christ, and make a difference in this needy world.

Daniel Vestal has been the coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship since 1996. He is a highly respected leader of this movement of moderate Baptist churches and is well-known throughout the country.


This book is food for all who are hungry for an inner transformation in their lives. Tapping into ancient spiritual practices, Daniel Vestal connects biblically-based mysticism with evangelism and social justice.
--Tony Campolo, Eastern University

"What does it mean to be a Christian? How will faith transform you and your relationships with friends and the world? Daniel Vestal has outlined the gospel and its impact within just a few pages. There are challenges to the way I live my faith on each page. Yet, the tone is encouraging and supportive. The book reflects the life and spirit of the author."

—David L. Odeom
Executive Director, Leadership Education
Duke Divinity School

"In this much needed and easy-to-read primer on the good news of the Christian gospel, Daniel Vestal extends a warm invitation to experience, as he has, the transforming presence of Christ. He says, 'As we are redeemed and transformed, we become better able to be the life-changing presence of Christ in our world.' Truly good news!"

—Margaret Campbell
Chair, Renovaré Ministry Team

"Daniel Vestal’s book is one of the most accessible and winsome introductions to the spiritual formation paradigm for Christian living and for leading the church that I’ve read in quite a while. Daniel’s vision of Christian spirituality and the path of transformation is authentic and sound, and he presents it in a personal way that will bless anyone seeking a deeper life with God.

"What makes this book uniquely valuable, however, is Daniel’s grasp of Christian spiritual formation combined with his great knowledge of congregational life and pastoral leadership. He sets the agenda for a new vision and way of being church and leading church: guiding people to receive and to practice and to be the presence of Christ in the world."

—Stephen Bryant
World Editor and Publisher
The Upper Room

"The most precious gifts often come in deceptively small packages. Being the Presence of Christ, is such a precious gift. Drawing on a lifetime of visionary church leadership, Daniel Vestal provides us with this simple yet profoundly wise guide to being the presence of Christ to one another. Vestal’s powerful little book cuts to the heart of the Christian good news and challenges us and then shows us the way to embody — not just believe — the teachings of Jesus."

—Diana Garland, PhD
Dean, Baylor University
School of Social Work

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