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Companions in Christ Leader's Guide (Revised)

Companions in Christ Leader's Guide (Revised)

by Stephen D. Bryant, Marjorie J. Thompson, Janice T. Grana
Companions in Christ Series Spiritual Practice

Companions in Christ Participant's Book in 1 Volume is available for small-group members.

Companions in Christ Leader's Guide is designed to develop you as a leader in guiding the spiritual life of your congregation. This resource gives you an overview of the Christian spiritual life and the practices that help people enter into the formative pattern of Christ's life: a life of prayer, study and service. Help your small-group members move from information (knowledge about) to experience (knowledge of) in the means of grace — ways in which Christ meets people, renews their faith, and deepens their life together in love.

This revised Leader's Guide provides detailed guidance for leading a small group through the 28 weekly sessions. The plans have been tested and refined by groups in churches across the country. This book contains all you need, including:

  • the Getting Started Guide, which was formerly a separate piece
  • a revised plan for a Closing Retreat
  • Weekly Needs at a Glance
  • page references for both the comprehensive 1-volume Participant's Book and the new 5-volume series

"I found that the Leader's Guide was complete, easy to use, and filled with a vast wealth of worship experiences and leadership tools," writes one Companions in Christ group leader. "I haven't found this content in other resources." Lead your group deeper into the heart and mind, the work and spirit, and the very life of Jesus Christ!

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8358-9840-9
Publisher: The Upper Room
Imprint: Upper Room Books
Publication Date: 03/01/2006
Pages: 244
Dimensions: 9.2500 x 7.5000 x 0.5135

Stephen D. Bryant was the world editor and publisher of Upper Room Ministries from 1997 to 2009 and is currently directing international ministry initiatives for the General Board of Discipleship. Before his election as world editor and publisher, Bryant served as director of spiritual formation for The Upper Room and as the international director of The Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis movements. His vision of small groups as important settings for spiritual formation and his experience in the contemplative life as well as local churches provided the inspiration for the Companions in Christ series. Bryant was instrumental in shaping the foundational 28-week resource.

Marjorie J. Thompson is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). She has served as director of the Pathways Center for Spiritual Leadership and as spiritual director to Companions in Christ, a program outgrowth of the Pathways initiative of The Upper Room. Companions in Christ is a series of small-group resources for spiritual formation in local congregations, suited to ecumenical use. Marjorie has exercised a ministry of teaching, writing, and spiritual guidance for many years.

Janice T. Grana, now retired, was executive editor of Upper Room Books. She served as world editor and publisher of The Upper Room from 1984 to 1996.


"Intense, enriching, formational, sometimes challenging and risky, and even at times excruciatingly wrenching, humbling but uplifting, painful but healing, worthwhile — left us wanting more!"

— Virginia M. Rimm
Vassalboro United Methodist Church, Maine

"Companions in Christ has really helped me and my group visualize our place in God's kingdom. It's not just a course. The length of it makes it a practice or way of life. We are praying more, listening to God's Word and listening to God speak to us. It is definitely changing our lives as we become more active and obedient to God's will."

— Rob Guy
Christian Chapel CME, Temple of Faith, Dallas

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