Feeling Your Way Through Grief

Feeling Your Way Through Grief

A Companion for Life after Loss  

by Missy Buchanan
Grief Older Adults

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Nothing can prepare you for the death of a loved one, and nothing is ever the same after. How do you even begin to live after loss?

When author Missy Buchanan lost her beloved husband of 43 years, she was devastated. As she looked for meaningful resources to help her with her grief, Missy found most books too long or heady. So, she decided to process her grief in her own way … by writing personal notes to her husband, unfiltered and straight from her heart.

In this poignant collection of reflections from that first year, Missy opens the window wide onto her personal journey and all the raw emotions that bubbled up from day to day. From family holidays to everyday tasks such as pumping gas or taking out the trash, Missy’s tender notes resonate with the shared experiences of grief, offering a guiding light and true companion for your own journey. Along the way, she also affirms that faith is not lacking when you don’t feel "strong" and that being vulnerable can help support the healing process.

Feeling Your Way Through Grief is an invitation to embrace the complexities of loss, find solace in genuine emotions, and embark on a faithful journey toward healing. Reflection questions at the end of each chapter invite you to explore your own emotions more deeply, gently guiding you along your unwanted journey of grief.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8358-2065-3
Publisher: The Upper Room
Imprint: Upper Room Books
Publication Date: 08/01/2024
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 8.5000 x 5.5000

Missy Buchanan, an advocate for older adults, is an internationally recognized author and speaker on issues of aging faithfully. With thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, Buchanan provides daily insight and encouragement for the journey of aging. She enjoys weekly visits (digital visits and phone calls during the COVID pandemic) with older adult friends in senior living communities. Buchanan is the author of multiple books, a devotional calendar, and a devotional journal. She lives in Rockwall, Texas, and has three adult children and four grandchildren.


"It was a blessing to personally witness the love between Missy and her beloved husband Barry. The bond they experienced is apparent in Missy's latest book and is a safe place for readers to explore their deepest emotions. Sharing her pain, grief, and vulnerability will help those struggling with loss realize they are not alone." —Robin Roberts, Co-Anchor, Good Morning America

"Missy Buchanan's Feeling Your Way Through Grief is a masterpiece. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, her reflections come as a balm, like sharing a conversation with someone who really understands. For everyone else, her words serve as a moving reminder to treasure the small things in your relationships, and to be grateful." —Adam Hamilton, author of Wrestling with Doubt: Finding Faith

"This candid, powerful, and vulnerable series of reflections on her own grieving process in the loss of her beloved husband Barry, is a powerful resource that helped guide my own emotional life towards healing. If your heart is broken by the loss of someone you love, give yourself a gift and take some time with this small, simple, and anointed book." —Michael Adam Beck, pastor, professor, author, and Director of Fresh Expressions for The United Methodist Church

"Anyone who has lost a spouse knows that grieving is a lonely, treacherous journey through excruciating pain which is never alleviated by easy answers or superficial assurances. In Feeling Your Way Through Grief, Missy Buchanan becomes an empathetic, sensitive, encouraging, and insightful companion on the journey. By graciously inviting us into the intimacy and vulnerability of her grieving, she provides a safe space in which to confront grief's anguished struggles with emerging hope and the assurance that we aren't alone." —Bishop Kenneth L. Carder, Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Distinguished Professor Emeritus, The Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School

"Missy Buchanan names the countless moments and memories and questions that so many of us experience when we enter the community of the bereaved. She’s offering the gift of companionship, of understanding, of solidarity — so much more solace than a book of "answers" or platitudes for those who are on the unbidden journey of loss. This book is indeed a companion as we grope in the darkness toward the promised light." —Rev. Dr. Rebecca Bruff, author, Trouble the Water and Stars of Wonder

"If you are experiencing the grief of the death of a loved one, especially a spouse, the gifted Missy Buchanan has written poignant, personal stories that make this the best book I know to help you in your painful time. I will be recommending this touching and practical book to the grieving people I counsel in my practice and to others I know who are grieving." —Terry Parsons, Ph.D., D.Min. Author of Life-Changing Stories: Reflections of a Seasoned Therapist

"Welcoming us into her journey beyond the death of her beloved husband, Missy offers real-life scenes from daily experiences that open up windows into the Spirit that connects us all. While these stories may seem short and simple at first glance, they are written from a master's perspective on the journey from grief that takes us from feeling rootless toward a new and even-more-solid grasp of the Home that awaits us." —David Crumm, founding Editor of online magazine

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