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Leading in Lay Pastoral Care

Leading in Lay Pastoral Care

A Leader's Guide to Lay Pastoral Care Giving  

by Brian Jackson
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Clergy & Laity Discipleship

This Leader's Guide will assist a course facilitator to conduct the course on Lay Pastoral Care Giving. The text for this course is Lay Pastoral Care Giving by Timothy M. Farabaugh.

The purpose of this course is to equip laypersons for the task of providing care for persons in the congregation who are experiencing life-changing events. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of lay pastoral care, which includes discussion and demonstration of appropriate interactions and responses in various caregiving situations. There is a review of life and faith passages to help caregivers understand the responses of those who find themselves experiencing changes in health and family circumstances. Opportunities are provided for participants to develop sensitivity and confidentiality.

Through verbatim transcripts and reporting to supervising clergy, participants become accountable for providing support to those who need emotional and spiritual care. The leader is guided through each session with listed outcome goals; opening and closing devotions and prayers; and discussion topics and formats, including small-group time and journaling. Time frames are given for each section of the five 2-hour sessions.

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Brian Jackson served as conference director of Lay Speaking Ministries of the East Ohio Annual Conference and was chair of the Association of Conference Directors of Lay Speaking Ministries education committee. Brian and Sandy currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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