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Ministry with the Forgotten

Ministry with the Forgotten

Dementia Through a Spiritual Lens Leader’s Guide  

by David C. Teel, Kenneth L. Carder
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Clergy & Laity Discipleship

This PDF is the Leader's Guide for Ministry with the Forgotten: Dementia Through a Spiritual Lens. This Leader's Guide provides five two-hour sessions of teaching plans to help lay servant ministers understand dementia from a spiritual standpoint and become more comfortable ministering with people affected by this condition. The advanced Lay Servant Ministries course based on the book Ministry with the Forgotten will equip lay servant ministers to lead their congregations in ministry with people with dementia and those who care for them. It will enable participants to learn about dementia, see people with dementia as disciples of Jesus, and discover how to relate to them in a helpful manner.

Kenneth L. Carder serves on the faculty of The Divinity School, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Prior to his teaching ministry, Dr. Carder served as a United Methodist bishop in Tennessee and Mississippi.

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