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The Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series

The Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series

Discipleship Series

This series of 4 titles from beloved writer Henri J. M. Nouwen will help you with fundraising, caregiving, creating space for God in your life, and finding your true home in God.

A Spirituality of Fundraising
Instead of viewing fundraising as a chore, Henri Nouwen invites us to see it as a ministry—a way to ask others to join in our mission and support it financially. Essential for finance committees and anyone who raises money for mission trips, nonprofits, ministry, or business.

A Spirituality of Caregiving
Nouwen shares heartfelt insights on what it means to be a caregiver and a care receiver. His warmth, respect, and compassion for both sides of the caregiving relationship will transform how you view your vital spiritual work. Makes a great gift for caregivers.

A Spirituality of Living
Distraction may be the biggest hindrance to a growing relationship with God. In A Spirituality of Living, Nouwen reveals the secret to creating space for God in our lives: spiritual disciplines. He makes it easy as he mentors you in the disciplines of solitude, community, and ministry.

A Spirituality of Homecoming
If you've ever felt lonely or alienated, Henri Nouwen has good news for you. "Come home to God, and you will no longer feel like a stranger to yourself or the world," he writes. In A Spirituality of Homecoming, Nouwen explores essential elements of Christian discipleship and shows how to find your true home in God.

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