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While We Wait

While We Wait

Living the Questions of Advent  

by Mary Lou Redding

Sometimes we struggle to believe we'll experience anything new as Advent comes around. What could we possibly learn that we haven't seen or heard before?

If you're looking for an Advent study of a different slant, While We Wait: Living the Questions of Advent offers new ways of connecting the story with your own questions of faith and approaches an all-too-familiar narrative from perspectives we may have missed.

You'll read about biblical figures mentioned in passing in the "original" Advent. Somewhat surprisingly, Tamar, Ruth, Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and the Magi asked questions that resonate with contemporary Christians.

Designed as a complete Advent study, this book offers readers or groups

  • unique perspectives on the events of Christmas
  • complete plans for small-group sessions
  • a fifth session for the week of Epiphany
  • daily scripture reading and reflection questions
  • an introduction to the spiritual discipline of breath prayer

What are the questions you bring to God this season?

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8358-0982-5
Publication Date: 01/01/0001
Pages: 136
Dimensions: 9.2500 x 7.5000 x 0.2910

Mary Lou Redding is interested in many disciplines-art, literature, music, science, philosophy, religion, politics. She is a writer, thinker, feminist, loving mother and grandmother, as well as an outspoken and direct person. One of seven children, Mary Lou is the mother of an adult daughter and grandmother of two nearly perfect granddaughters. Before becoming an editor and writer, she taught basic and advanced prose writing and business communication on the college level. Teaching about writing and the Bible is one of her great loves. Mary Lou has a master of arts degree in rhetoric and writing and worked professionally as a writer and editor for many years, retiring as editorial director of The Upper Room daily devotional guide in 2012.

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