Thomas Porter is an attorney, a teacher, and a United Methodist clergyperson who focuses on conflict transformation. He lives in the Boston area.
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The Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation

Creating a Culture of Justpeace  
Thomas Porter
Transforming conflict into a positive rather than a negative force is a spiritual pursuit and needs to be grounded in biblical principles: love of God, neighbor, and self. This book is a resource for leaders, ministers, mediators, facilitators, and conflict transformation consultants who want to approach the work in this way. Part 1 explains how we can prepare ourselves for the work of engaging conflict. Part 2 explores how we engage others in conflict transformation, outlining specific proce...

Conflict and Communion

Reconciliation and Restorative Justice at Christ's Table  
Thomas Porter
In this broken world, community is rare. Sadly, this is sometimes true even in the church. Conflict confronts us in just about every corner of our lives — from personal to familial, from congregational to denominational, from national to international. "We desire community but so often react out of brokenness," writes one reviewer, "Conflict and Communion points to the Lord's Table as the place where true harmony can be experienced." Porter sets the stage for the book by naming the conflicts...