Tony Franks is a Certified Lay Speaker in the Mississippi Annual Conference. He has served as president of the Mississippi Chapter of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. Franks is a high school music and English teacher and has also taught college English and oral communications.
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From Your Heart to Theirs, Participant's Guide

Delivering an Effective Sermon  
Tony Franks, David Carroll
"Let me tell you a story." Since childhood, those introductory words capture our attention like few others. Sharing our faith story can be just as captivating and influential. Yet even the most experienced public speaker may need help preparing a sermon that's both engaging and compelling. Franks and Carroll will help you develop such a sermon. The parts of this helpful experiential guide for novice and already certified lay speakers include types of sermons, from exegetical to topical to t...

From Your Heart to Theirs, Instructor's Guide

Delivering an Effective Sermon  
Tony Franks, David Carroll
The instructor's guide for From Your Heart to Theirs breaks down the important ideas to relate as you plan your study, the preparatory tasks, logistical steps, and the session goals in short, practical outlines. The objective of this guide is to help you lead a 10-hour advanced course for certified lay speakers who want to hone their preaching skills. During the training, you'll lay the groundwork to help each speaker present a short sermon, and you'll be equipped to coach them to do their be...