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Worship in Light of the Cross

Meditations for Lent  
John Indermark
How can the cross shed light on what we do in worship and why—not just in the Lenten season but in every season? John Indermark urges us to focus on the cross, its imprint on how we worship as a community, and how it transforms our discipleship. This 6-week study inspires us to connect corporate worship with our daily lives. He organizes the daily readings according to the components of corporate worship: gathering, invocation, confession, proclamation, creed, response, and sacrament. Leade...

The God We Can Know Session 1 - Knowing the Great "I Am"

Knowing the Great "I Am"  
Rob Fuquay
In this video, Rob Fuquay helps us learn the background of the words "I Am" in scripture. Filmed in the Holy Land, the video begins in the desert, where God spoke the words "I Am" to Moses. Through Moses's encounter with the burning bush, God called Moses to return to Egypt and tell Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" Moses asked God, "If the people ask who sent me, what shall I say?" God replied, "Tell the Israelites 'I Am' has sent you." Twelve hundred years later, Jesus used the words "I Am" to r...

The God We Can Know Session 2 - Knowing God's Satisfaction

"I Am the Bread of Life"  
Rob Fuquay
This video segment takes us to the Mount of Beatitudes, the site that commemorates Jesus' feeding the 5,000. Fuquay notes that the crowd consisted of 5,000 men; with women and children, it could have been as many as 15,000 people. Besides the Resurrection, the story of Jesus' miracle of feeding the crowd is the only miracle story told in all four Gospels. Next, we go with Fuquay to Capernaum, an outpost of Jesus' ministry that was located on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus came to Capernaum after t...

The God We Can Know Session 3 - Knowing God's Guidance

"I Am the Light of the World"  
Rob Fuquay
In this video segment Rob Fuquay takes us to Jerusalem during the Feast of Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or the Feast of Booths. This festival commemorates and celebrates God's guiding the people of Israel through the desert, leading them with a pillar of fire. Fuquay notes that the feast is a reminder that we are still people on a journey. We visit the Western Wall of Jerusalem, also known as the Wailing Wall. On top of that wall was the courtyard where Jesus stood on the Ni...

The God We Can Know Session 4 - Knowing God's Care

"I Am the Good Shepherd"  
Rob Fuquay
This video segment begins in a sheep pen as Rob Fuquay talks about shepherding. Shepherds have been around for at least 6,000 years, he says. In Jesus' day, shepherds sometimes rented a safe place to keep their sheep at night, in an enclosure with a locked gate. Often several flocks of sheep were kept in the same enclosure. This setting brings life to Jesus' words "I am the good shepherd" and "I am the door and gate of the sheep." We travel out to the countryside, where Fuquay remarks that sh...

The God We Can Know Session 5 - Knowing God's Power

"I Am the True Vine"  
Rob Fuquay
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower," Jesus declares in John 15:1. Grapes are one of the oldest agricultural products in the world—no wonder Jesus used the grapevine as an illustration of his relationship with his followers, Rob Fuquay says. The video opens in a vineyard at the foot of Mount Tabor in Israel. In this video segment, we travel with Fuquay to the Israel Museum, an outdoor model of Jerusalem as it was in Jesus' day. We also see the Cenacle, the site built to comme...

The God We Can Know Session 6 - Knowing God's Way

"I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"  
Rob Fuquay
At the beginning of this video, we see Rob Fuquay walking on an ancient Roman road—the Via Maris, one of the highways the Romans built in the Middle East. Jesus might have been thinking of this highway when he said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." We move with Fuquay to the Upper Room, where Jesus shared his last meal with the disciples and saddened them by telling them he was going away. Thomas asked, "Where are you going?" Jesus said, "I am going to prepare a place for you. You kno...

The God We Can Know Session 7 - Knowing God's Possibilities

"I Am the Resurrection and the Life"  
Rob Fuquay
This video segment takes us to the village of Bethany, 1½ miles east of Jerusalem. As the video opens, Rob Fuquay stands in front of a first-century tomb carved out of limestone. We learn that it is Lazarus's tomb. Fuquay recalls the story of Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha, all good friends of Jesus. Lazarus becomes ill and dies. By the time Jesus reaches Bethany, Lazarus has been dead for four days. As he stands at the door to Lazarus's tomb, Fuquay says he's always wondered why Jes...

Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God

The Practice of Centering Prayer  
J. David Muyskens
It's been said that Centering Prayer is like two friends sitting together in silence, just being in each other's presence—completely natural and comfortable. Yet, Centering Prayer is sometimes viewed as too mysterious, too escapist, too hard. At first, it even appeared that way to the author, but events in his life and his further studies about prayer changed his views. Through Muyskens' insightful guidance, you'll explore a method of prayer that goes deeper than verbal conversations with God...

Pauses for Lent

40 Words for 40 Days  
Sometimes a pause is good for the soul. It gives us the chance to regroup, reflect, and refocus on God. In Pauses for Lent, Trevor Hudson offers a beautifully minimalist book in which he focuses on one word for each day of Lent. You are invited to pause, focus on the word, read a scripture and a brief meditation related to the word, and then offer a prayer. Pausing in this way will help you carve out time for God and refresh your spirit even in the midst of a busy life. You may find yourself ...