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Gospeled Lives

Encounters with Jesus, A Lenten Study  
John Indermark
"Gospeled" lives are lives that have encountered Jesus Christ. Christ's call leads to a continually unfolding story for each of us. An encounter with the living Christ demands a response, John Indermark says. In this book you will learn about New Testament characters who encountered Jesus. Some responded with joy and gratitude. Others ignored or rejected his offer of good news. Indermark's powerful reflections on the various biblical characters, along with daily reading of scripture, written ...

Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God

The Practice of Centering Prayer  
J. David Muyskens
It's been said that Centering Prayer is like two friends sitting together in silence, just being in each other's presence—completely natural and comfortable. Yet, Centering Prayer is sometimes viewed as too mysterious, too escapist, too hard. At first, it even appeared that way to the author, but events in his life and his further studies about prayer changed his views. Through Muyskens' insightful guidance, you'll explore a method of prayer that goes deeper than verbal conversations with God...

Parables and Passion

Jesus' Stories for the Days of Lent  
John Indermark
Discover new insights about the passion story through the lenses of Jesus' parables. "Parables nudge us all to receptive insight," writes Indermark. "For those new to the Lenten journey, they give access to the holy through the ordinary. For those who have navigated this season many times, they allow an opportunity to experience Lent from a different perspective. …[Parables] take us deeper, revealing the approaching realm of the God who has come to us in One who teaches still in parables." Le...

A Clearing Season

Reflections for Lent  
Cities across the world celebrate Mardi Gras with colorful parades and over-the-top parties. Then Ash Wednesday arrives … Sigh. Lent has begun. You hear about devout friends giving up seemingly innocent things like chocolate or stressing out as they try to live a more perfect life during six grueling weeks—for reasons you don't completely understand. Sermons about penitence are preached, and guilt soaks the congregation. Sound like a good time?! It's time to rethink Lent. Or at least see it f...

Cada celebración: Cuaresma y temporada de Resurrección

PDF Download Este recurso cumple una variedad de propósitos al ofrecer ayuda en la planificación de la adoración, sugerencias para ayudas visuales, ideas para la liturgia, e información concisa sobre celebraciones litúrgicas relacionadas con la Cuaresma y Temporada de Resurrección. Disponible sólo para ser bajado como un documento PDF. Notas: Se concede permiso para fotocopiar con la compra de este recurso. ¡Lo sentimos! Este recurso no tiene descuento de promoción o por la compra de múlti...