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Light of Setting Suns

Light of Setting Suns

Reflecting on Realities and Mysteries at Ninety Years of Life  

by Richard L. Morgan
Devotional Older Adults

At age 60 Dr. Richard Morgan wrote No Wrinkles on the Soul as he faced the unknowns of aging and felt the need for a book to help himself and others navigate its challenges, especially the spiritual ones.

Now 91, Morgan still faces many unknowns, and once again has written a book that describes how it feels to be old and encourages others in the same stage of life. "The years have taken a toll on my body," he writes, "but my mind and spirit are still young!"

Light of Setting Suns contains stories of people age 90 and beyond who have remained vital and spiritually alive, including the author's own experiences. Morgan shows how to discover wellness, even in years of decline, and how these years may be unexpectedly rich and meaningful. This book shows readers that, even at an advanced age, they still have the opportunity to shine with the Spirit.

Richard L. Morgan is a retired chaplain, pastor (PCUSA), and professor. He most recently served as a volunteer chaplain at Redstone Highlands, the senior living community where he resided near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Davidson College; a master of divinity, master of theology, and PhD from Union Theological Seminary; and a master of counseling from Wake Forest University, Richard was named the 1987 Man of the Year by the city of Lenoir, NC; awarded the 2013 Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Award; and honored as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year at Redstone Highlands Senior Living Community.


Praise for Light of Setting Suns

Few books have inspired and challenged me as profoundly as Light of Setting Suns. Only an author who knows aging from decades of academic research and ninety years of purposeful living could offer such authentic glimmers of light and hope for people of all ages. This book will be my companion as I live toward my own setting suns, and I commend it to others who want to live with meaning and purpose at every age.
—Bishop (Retired) Kenneth L. Carder
Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Distinguished Professor Emeritus of
The Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School

When I think of aging with resiliency and faith, I think of my friend Dr. Richard Morgan. His heart and mind, like fields described in a hymn by Isaac Watts, “stand dressed in living green.” Readers will find their own spirits stirred as he leads us in these meditations through verdant fields of soul-seasoned elderhood.
—Daniel C. Potts, MD, FAAN
Neurologist, Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Most of us will not live to a tenth decade of life. Through grace, Richard Morgan has arrived at that unfamiliar place; and in thoughtful, compassionate, tough-minded meditations, he tells us the amazing things he sees: That through it all, God is also there. We gratefully receive his gift: It is a brave triumph.
—Thomas Ronald Vaughan, M.Div., M.A., D.Min.
Author, retired pastor, and healthcare administrator

In Light of Setting Suns, Richard Morgan shares inspiring insights on the challenges and blessings of aging. His lively writing grips us with his knowledge of scripture, theology, and ancient wisdom on aging. Morgan’s book will assist professional counselors, clergy, lay shepherds, grown children of older adults, and the aged themselves as well as their caregivers.
—Dr. Dwyn M. Mounger
Author, retired clergy

In his latest book, Richard Morgan wrestles brilliantly and honestly with the challenges of life at ninety. He shares hard-earned wisdom and a vision of a later life of purpose. A must read for anyone striving to live with hope and meaning at any age.
—Virginia Biggar
Executive Director | Communities Program Director | A-LIST

As the son of a mother in her nineties and as pastor of a large congregation with many older adults and caregivers, I find this book a helpful companion for the aging journey. While Morgan names the fears of the “oldest old,” he ultimately encourages faith. Richard’s words capture the wonder at how old bones can surprise and rise with power and hope.
—Donovan Drake, M.Div., D.Min.
Pastor and head of staff, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN


With this book, Richard L. Morgan presents a much-needed spiritual guide in the no-man’s-land of advanced age as an inside expert. In a balanced mixture of reflection and meditation, he impressively shows how the narrative of decline about old age is not the only story to be told. Being ninety stands for the embodiment of wisdom, growth in inner vitality and self-transcendence. Reading this book makes you less afraid of becoming very old and will fill you with curiosity and wonder about its mystery.
—Frits de Lange, Professor of Ethics at Protestant Theological Seminary int the Netherlands, and author of Loving Later Life

Dr. Benjamin Mast, Author, Professor of Geropsychology
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All of the author’s royalties from the sale of the book will go to the Benevolent Care Fund at Redstone, a leading aging services network partner within the communities the organization serves.

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