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Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts

Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts

Building Up the Body of Christ Through the Gifts of the Spirit  

by Charles V. Bryant
Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Practice

Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory Pack is available for use with small-group members.

This book identifies, defines, and discusses 32 spiritual gifts including giving, healing, hospitality, service, evangelism, and music.

Bryant encourages you to discover the particular gifts the Holy Spirit has given you and challenges you to use these gifts to build up the body of Christ. The book includes a "Grace Gifts Inventory" to help you identify and apply the spiritual gifts in your life.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8358-0633-6
Publisher: The Upper Room
Imprint: Upper Room Books
Publication Date: 04/01/1991
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 9.0000 x 6.0000 x 0.4080

A member of the North Carolina Conference of the The United Methodist Church, Charles V. Bryant has served churches in Ohio, North Carolina, and England. He is a frequent lecturerer and workshop leader on the subject of spiritual gifts.

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