What Is the Bible and Who Is It For?

What Is the Bible and Who Is It For?

A Book for Beginners, Skeptics, and Seekers  

by Emanuel Cleaver III

Open your mind and find out.

If you are new to the Bible or believe that the Bible is an outdated, pre-scientific relic of by-gone eras; or if you are skeptical or confused, this book is for you.

The Bible is unread, underappreciated, with an unlikely plot. Some may say that the Bible is an important book, but few really understand how it came to be or what really it says, and some of us just think it is complete nonsense. Many of the stories seem archaic and out of touch with modern culture. Yet if we look closely, the Bible contains timeless wisdom and principles that are very much applicable.

This book offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the origins and purposes of the Bible. It will give modern perspectives on how we might read and understand scripture today in light of all that we know (and don't know) about the world.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-945935-93-0
Publisher: GBHEM
Publication Date: 01/01/0001
Pages: 144

Emanuel Cleaver III is the pastor of St. James United Methodist Church, a congregation with two campuses-one of the largest congregations in Missouri. A participant in the Lewis Fellows program at Wesley Theological Seminary, Emanuel Cleaver III received his Doctor of Ministry degree at Saint Paul School of Theology. He is a popular author and sought-after preacher and teacher.

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