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Where We Meet

Where We Meet

A Lenten Study of Systems, Stories, and Hope  

by Rachel Gilmore, Candace Lewis, Tyler Sit, Matt Temple
Creativity Lent Spiritual Practice

Meet Jesus at the Intersection of Faith and Justice

Jesus devoted himself to uplifting the poor, reaching out to the marginalized, and fearlessly challenging systems of oppression. His message resounded with the promise of liberation, equality, and inclusion for all, and he implored his followers to pursue the same. However, the church has often struggled to reflect this good news in its own actions.

In Where We Meet, four members of the Intersect network invite you to immerse yourself in the stories of Jesus and the early church. Together, they also explore their own stories, examine past shortcomings of the church, address difficult questions, and envision a brighter future that better reflects the good news of Jesus.

Throughout the Lenten season, Rachel Gilmore, Tyler Sit, Matt Temple, and Candace Lewis guide you through a series of daily reflections, exploring a spectrum of critical themes—from diversity and equity to the challenges of the post-colonial church. They will also delve into the vital need for innovation and contextualization in doing the work Jesus had called us to do.

Prepare to tackle challenging questions and be emboldened to follow in Jesus' footsteps, pursuing justice and love for all.

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Rachel Gilmore planted a church in Virginia Beach in 2009 that grew from 10 young adults to over 250 people active in the life of the church. The church plant also started two missional preschools and partnered with local non-profits to provide food to tens of thousands of residents over the past five years. Rachel is committed to helping everyone who feels like a stranger or outsider find a place to belong and use their gifts for the kingdom. Rachel is a published author and contributor to multiple books on church planting and was most formerly the Director of Recruiting, Training, and Assessing church planters for The United Methodist Church. Rachel lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, two kids and two dogs, where they serve as a clergy couple to revitalize Central United Methodist Church.

Rev. Dr. Candace M. Lewis is the 17th President/Dean of Gammon Theological Seminary and the first woman elected to this role in the school's 138-year history. She's an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and has been in full-time ministry for 25 years. She's planted a church, and served as a denominational executive and conference district superintendent. She also serves as a consultant, coach, and resource person to bishops, conference developers, and church planters in starting and maintaining new churches. Candace is also the co-author of Resurgence: Navigating the Changing Ministry Landscape.

Rev. Tyler Sit is the church planter of New City Church, a community in Minneapolis led mostly by queer people of color. In his book Staying Awake: The Gospel for Changemakers—which Barbara Brown Taylor endorsed saying, "it makes me want a do-over at being Christian"—arises from theology practiced by a community in the same neighborhood of the George Floyd uprisings. Sit is a second-generation Chinese-American, trained community organizer, and United Methodist pastor. He has been featured in the New York TImes, City Lab, Minnesota Public Radio, and more.

Matt Temple serves as the Associate Director of New Church Starts for the North Texas Annual Conference in The United Methodist Church. He is passionate about helping leaders make meaningful connections between the gospel and their local context as they start new faith communities. Matt has developed a robust support system in the North Texas Conference to help leaders imagine innovative ways of being the church from the posture of humble guest instead of the privileged host. He currently resides on the northside of Chicago with his wife and daughter, where in addition to his work with North Texas he serves on the pastoral team at Newstory Church.

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