Delia Halverson is a nationally recognized Christian education specialist who has written more than 50 books and countless units of curriculum. Delia is a consultant, workshop teacher, and retreat leader.
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Charting a Course of Discipleship

A Workbook on Christian Discipleship (Revised Edition)  
Jay Regennitter, Delia Halverson, Teresa Gilbert, ...
Is your congregation living up to its mission? After all, making disciples is what churches are supposed to do. So how do churches go about making disciples? What is a disciple, anyway? And how do congregations know whether they are actually helping people to grow in their faith? Charting a Course for Discipleship provides a step-by-step plan that will help any congregation design a disciple formation process that is effective for its particular context. It will help your church to: identif...

Let the Children Give

Time, Talents, Love, and Money  
Delia Halverson
Let the Children Give provides adults the resources to demonstrate and teach a stewardship lifestyle to kids. Stewardship is more than a church committee assigned to raise money for the budget. Christians are expected to act as responsible caretakers of everything we've been given by God. All have abilities to accomplish this work, and the apostle Paul reminds us that everyone, including children, must work together. Each of us holds an important role in Christ's mission. "With our abilities ...