Stephen V. Doughty served for over two decades in parish ministry and for ten years as the executive presbyter for the seventy-one congregations of Lake Michigan Presbytery. A regular contributor to Weavings, he is currently engaged in a full-time ministry of retreat leadership and writing. He and his wife, Jean, live in Otsego, Michigan.
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The Way of Discernment Participant's Book

Marjorie J. Thompson, Stephen V. Doughty
The Way of Discernment Leader's Guide is also available. How do you discover God's guidance for personal and congregational decisions? Explore paths to clarity in The Way of Discernment, a 10-week study for small groups. Who is this book designed for? People yearning to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance Individuals looking for direction in vocation or life changes Church leaders seeking clarity about their congregation's distinctive mission Christians searching for God's will in matters of be...

To Walk in Integrity

Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis  
Stephen V. Doughty
"Naming where we see crisis can upset us," writes Doughty. "It probably ought to. Distress, at its best, creates awareness. It awakens us to where we are." The Chinese symbol for crisis reflects its dual reality: danger yet opportunity. Even as a crisis threatens, it can bring wholly unanticipated chances for personal and communal growth. At such critical junctures, you want to know you can count on the sound, discerning counsel of genuine leaders—who seem so short in supply right now. Our tr...