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Let Me Ask You a Question

Conversations with Jesus  
Matthew Croasmun
We often think of Jesus as someone with all the answers. But over and over in scripture, he asks questions, seeking to engage with people and genuinely interested in their responses. Matthew Croasmun challenges readers to consider this book as an experiment—an opportunity to see whether God is real. He invites us to enter into conversation with Jesus by answering the questions Jesus asks in scripture. The goal is not to come up with what we think are the right answers but to respond honestly ...

Transforming Community

The Wesleyan Way to Missional Congregations  
F. Douglas Powe Jr., Henry H. Knight III, Henry H. Knight, ...
Drawing from the strength of their previous book, Transforming Evangelism, Henry Knight and Douglas Powe show us a Wesleyan way to form missional communities and congregations. Drawing from John Wesley's own organizing abilities, this will better equip today's congregations to be more transfomational. Each chapter also has study questions. This is the Participant's Book. Click here for the Leader's Guide, Leading Missional Small Groups.

Loving the World with God

Fourth Day Living  
Rebecca Bruff
Have you ever had a mountaintop spiritual experience and then had trouble returning to the reality of your daily life? This book is for those who have gone on a Walk to Emmaus weekend or another intense spiritual experience such as a retreat, mission trip, or sabbatical. After such a time of spiritual growth, you need practical, hands-on ways to continue your daily walk with Jesus Christ and love the world with God. Rebecca Bruff offers guidance and inspiration for living the rest of your lif...

Talking in the Dark

Praying When Life Doesn't Make Sense  
Steve Harper
Have you ever stopped praying? When life seems unfair and prayer doesn't seem to make any difference, you may quit praying. Most people who admit that they stopped praying for a while, including the author, say they felt as if they were suffocating after a period without prayer. "Sometimes I think God has called me to speak, write, and teach about prayer so I won't give up on it altogether," writes Harper. "After more than forty years of praying, I still don't understand prayer. …Prayer doe...

Patterned by Grace

How Liturgy Shapes Us  
Daniel T. Benedict Jr., Daniel T. Benedict
To many, the word liturgy brings to mind juggling a hymnal, Bible and a bulletin printed with formal responsive texts as you worship in a cavernous Gothic-styled church. With great faith and affection, Benedict rescues liturgy from its stuffy associations, revealing it as a momentous occasion every Sunday, no matter the worship style. Worship is a remarkable spiritual adventure and the liturgy itself is God's playground—a pilgrimage of individuals and faith communities joining the divine purp...

Transforming Evangelism

The Wesleyan Way of Sharing Faith  
F. Douglas Powe Jr., Henry H. Knight III, Henry H. Knight, ...
Because of the more aggressive and confrontational tactics we hear about, evangelism has developed a bad connotation. Doors are shut hurriedly, phone calls end abruptly, and e-mails left unanswered. After all, isn't this a task better handled by the pastor? Perhaps it's time to reexamine John Wesley's model of evangelism as a full, natural circle—where it's a communal beginning point rather than a solitary end. The central motive of authentic evangelism is: Having received a message that's ma...

Leading a Life with God

The Practice of Spiritual Leadership  
Daniel Wolpert
People who pray together can change the world. A faith community's deepening prayer life depends on an effective spiritual leader. Many are willing to assume this role, but some aspiring guides have trouble making the transition from an individual practice to leading a group. Wolpert demonstrates how personal devotion can evolve into leadership practice. Bestselling spiritual leadership books "provide insights from secular leadership disciplines and then add a paragraph about how these discip...

Conflict and Communion

Reconciliation and Restorative Justice at Christ's Table  
Thomas Porter
In this broken world, community is rare. Sadly, this is sometimes true even in the church. Conflict confronts us in just about every corner of our lives — from personal to familial, from congregational to denominational, from national to international. "We desire community but so often react out of brokenness," writes one reviewer, "Conflict and Communion points to the Lord's Table as the place where true harmony can be experienced." Porter sets the stage for the book by naming the conflicts...

A Mile in My Shoes

Cultivating Compassion  
Trevor Hudson
We can be quick to pray for people around the world in times of trauma, but has prayer become a way to avoid taking real action? Are we reluctant to be fully aware of the suffering around us? Trevor Hudson challenges us to see, hear, and respond to the needs of others, recognizing the living Christ in all things. Hudson designed an 8-day program—a pilgrimage—to help all Christians cultivate the depth of compassion Jesus demonstrated. Through this program, pilgrims learn to be present wherever...

To Walk in Integrity

Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis  
Stephen V. Doughty
"Naming where we see crisis can upset us," writes Doughty. "It probably ought to. Distress, at its best, creates awareness. It awakens us to where we are." The Chinese symbol for crisis reflects its dual reality: danger yet opportunity. Even as a crisis threatens, it can bring wholly unanticipated chances for personal and communal growth. At such critical junctures, you want to know you can count on the sound, discerning counsel of genuine leaders—who seem so short in supply right now. Our tr...