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While We Wait

Living the Questions of Advent  
Sometimes we struggle to believe we'll experience anything new as Advent comes around. What could we possibly learn that we haven't seen or heard before? If you're looking for an Advent study of a different slant, While We Wait: Living the Questions of Advent offers new ways of connecting the story with your own questions of faith and approaches an all-too-familiar narrative from perspectives we may have missed. You'll read about biblical figures mentioned in passing in the "original" Advent....

Fully Human, Fully Divine

An Embodied Advent  
Whitney R. Simpson

To embody an idea is to give a concept tangible human form. I can see it! I can touch it! Whitney Simpson’s Fully Human, Fully Divine invites us to an embodied Advent—an embracing of the concepts and ideas of the Advent season fully, with our whole selves. Christ modeled for us what it meant to be both fully human and fully divine. This Advent resource invites us to practice our humanity aware of the light of Christ within us. It challenges us to live right here, right now as we await the birth of the Christ Child, the embodiment of God’s presence.

Cada celebración: Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía

PDF Download Este recurso cumple una variedad de propósitos al ofrecer ayuda en la planificación de la adoración, sugerencias para ayudas visuales, ideas para la liturgia, e información concisa sobre celebraciones litúrgicas relacionadas con las temporadas de Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía. El material de Cada Celebración, en esta edición revisada, consta de tres partes: Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía Cuaresma y Temporada de Resurrección Tiempo Ordinario Notas: Se concede permiso par...