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Texting Through Cancer

Ordinary Moments of Community, Love, and Healing  
Jan Woodard
When author Jan Woodard requested prayer after her breast cancer diagnosis, her texts, email, and mail were flooded with encouraging notes that inspired her to write about her journey through treatment. As she wrote a weekly column for her local newspaper, Woodard discovered that writing kept her from self-pity by helping her focus on others and shift from fear to faith. In Texting Through Cancer, Woodard shares the peace she found in surrendering her cancer to God. Through 44 reflections she...

Light of Setting Suns

Reflecting on Realities and Mysteries at Ninety Years of Life  
Richard L. Morgan
At age 60 Dr. Richard Morgan wrote No Wrinkles on the Soul as he faced the unknowns of aging and felt the need for a book to help himself and others navigate its challenges, especially the spiritual ones. Now 91, Morgan still faces many unknowns, and once again has written a book that describes how it feels to be old and encourages others in the same stage of life. "The years have taken a toll on my body," he writes, "but my mind and spirit are still young!" Light of Setting Suns contains sto...

What Loss Can Teach Us

A Sacred Pathway to Growth and Healing  
Beth Taulman Miller
After a significant loss, many people rush to get back a sense of normalcy without allowing themselves time to heal and learn from that loss. Our loving and compassionate God longs to walk with individuals on a transformational journey through loss toward becoming more emotionally and spiritually whole. This book shows readers that God offers an "on ramp" to the process of tending to their pain. What Loss Can Teach Us provides readers with stepping-stones for getting through loss and pain whi...

Plant Like Jesus

The Church Planter's Devotional  
Ben Ingebretson
Plant Like Jesus provides spiritual nourishment for planting leaders, innovating pastors, seminary students, and anyone seeking to root their mission work in the practices of Jesus. Author Ben Ingebretson's extensive experience in church planting brings hands-on credibility to this topic. He uses accessible language and real-life examples to encourage and equip those who are called to reach new people for Christ. With each of the 60 devotional readings, Ingebretson proclaims that by looking t...

La oración de una viuda

Encontrar la gracia de Dios en los días venideros  
Nell E. Noonan
Las crisis de la vida amenazan nuestra estabilidad espiritual. La pérdida de un ser querido -se espere o no su muerte- es siempre traumática. El trauma de adaptarse a la nueva realidad de viuda mientras se enfrenta a una multitud de preguntas y decisiones urgentes puede ser abrumador. En este libro de 60 meditaciones, Nell Noonan comparte con franqueza sus experiencias en los 26 meses posteriores a la muerte de su marido. Describe su recorrido en el duelo como una jornada repleta de bendicion...

Walking in the Wilderness

Seeking God During Lent  
Beth A. Richardson
People of faith are struggling these days as they watch unbelievable events unfold. The United States, once a refuge for immigrants, has closed its borders to many of the world's most vulnerable citizens. Fear of people different from us has created an atmosphere of hatred, incivility, and violence. We are living in a time of wilderness and exile. Yet the wilderness is a familiar place for those who follow Jesus. Like Jesus, we spend 40 days in the wilderness. During Lent God calls us to exam...

Let Us Go Now to Bethlehem

Daily Devotions for Advent and Christmas  
Todd Outcalt
This charming devotional book takes readers on an inward journey to the miracle of Christ's birth in the little town of Bethlehem. Many who will read this book probably haven't actually traveled to Bethlehem. "But that is of little consequence to the adventure of arriving there, to the adventure of discovery that awaits the mystery and wonder in the birth of Jesus," Todd Outcalt writes. The devotions are both personal and challenging. "I hope readers can discover something new that they may h...

Emaús Manual de la Comunidad

Ministerios de Emaús  
The Upper Room
Manual de la Comunidad de los Ministerios de Emaús Este recurso reemplaza tanto al Manual de El Aposento Alto para Emaús como al Manual de El Aposento Alto para Crisálida. Explica los pormenores, los porqués y los cómos de los cuatro ministerios de Emaús de El Aposento Alto: La Caminata a Emaús, Crisálida, Cara a Cara, y Jornada a la Mesa. El Manual de la Comunidad de los Ministerios de Emaús ofrece una visión general y una explicación completa del movimiento Emaús y de todos los ministerio...

Emaús Manual de Directores

Caminata a Emaús  
The Upper Room
El Manual de Directores de la Caminata a Emaús está especialmente diseñado para los directores y las directoras de la Caminata del fin de semana (laicos/as y clérigos/as) e incluye información para ayudar a los directores y las directoras del fin de semana a apoyar los papeles de todo el equipo de la sala de conferencias. Este manual incluye los procedimientos básicos para el Evento del fin de semana, horarios, guías para todos los miembros del equipo y recursos reproducibles. Este producto n...

Emaús Manual del Equipo

Caminata a Emaús  
The Upper Room
El Manual del Equipo de la Caminata a Emaús es muy necesario para todas las personas encargadas del Evento tanto para su uso en la preparación para el servicio, así como para su uso en las reuniones del equipo. Ayuda a los miembros del equipo de la sala de conferencias a desarrollar un entendimiento de La Caminata a Emaús y de lo que se espera de ellos/ellas durante la Caminata. Este producto no tiene descuento.